Dinajpur District Information (British Colonial Period)

The British administrative control in Dinajpur was established in 1786. Dinajpur was the biggest administrative district of undivided Bengal. In 1765, the British got the Dewani of Bengal and in 1772 an English District Collector and Chief of Revenue was appointed in Dinajpur.

The area was then notorious for lawlessness. Mr. Marriott was Collector in 1786. Next to him, Mr. Red Fern and Mr. Vansittart were Collectors for short periods. The next Collector, Mr. Hatch, started to exercise judicial powers too. The District Magistrate’s area at that time extended to Malda, Bogra, and Dinajpur. In the last decade of the 18th century, indigo plantation started in the district.

The district Dinajpur in British times included a greater portion of Bogra. Malda and parts of Rajshahi, Rangpur, and Purnea. At the time of Revenue Survey in 1857–1861, the total area of the district was 11,880 km2 (4,586 sq mi).

Between 1795 and 1800, large tracts of land were transferred to Purnea, Rangpur and Rajshahi for administrative convenience and better enforcement of law and order. In 1833 again some estates were transferred to Bagura and Malda.

In 1864–65, 1868 and 1870 further transfer of territory from Dinajpur to Malda and Bagura took place. Finally in 1897–98 the whole of Thana Mahadevpur was made over to Rajshahi. At that time, except Thakurgaon Sub division, the rest of Dinajpur district remained under the direct supervision of the collector.

At first, after its formation in 1856, the Dinajpur Municipality used to be run by a town committee presided over by the Deputy Magistrate. This was among the first 40 municipalities in Bengal at that time.

Later in 1868, the ‘District Town Act’ commissioned a chairman of the municipality who replaced the Deputy Magistrate and given a similar rank as a district magistrate. Mr. Patterson was appointed the first chairman of Dinajpur Municipality in 1869.

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